Quotes from The Restoration of Christianity by Michael Servetus (1511-1553)

"first, he is Jesus Christ; second, he is the son of God; third, he is God." (pg. 5)

"Whatever is beyond flesh and blood is both from and in heaven. Not only was Christ from heaven, but he even brought heaven itself to us..." (pg. 25)

"Every God is a person; no person is a Trinity; therefore no God is a Trinity." (pg. 65)

"Logos properly denotes both an internal faculty and external speech. At any rate, it is a true representation..." (pg. 69)

"just as man himself already was at one time glorious in God, as in John 17. Everything which God previously performed by his Word or His own voice, Christ now performs as the flesh, and to him...he announced the mind of the Father and makes Him recognizable...the person of Elohim, that creates everything, existed in the flesh, and the very face of Christ is the face of God that was once visible to all." (pg. 73)

"In Christ there is not some portion of God, but the whole totality of God, the whole fulfillment of the Word and the spirit" (pg. 105)

"God has revealed Himself to us, making Himself outwardly visible through the Word, yet internally perceptible through the spirit. Though He remains a great mystery in either case, He is yet such that humanity may see God Himself and possess Him. God was previously not visible, but now we shall see Him with His face unveiled, and, so long as we open the gate and step upon the road, we shall gaze upon Him as He shines in ourselves. It is time that we open that gate and this path of light . . ." (Preamble).

"For the heavenly Word made flesh on earth expressed the substance of flesh so that the flesh itself is said to be from heaven: because that flesh in itself actually has the divine substance from heaven" (pg. 104).

"Jesus Christ is one man who holds within himself a divine and human nature. By bringing them together in one body and in one new man he holds both within himself...the word had never before experienced a man of such a nature." (pg. 381)

"Thus, God came together with human nature to raise it up by fathering for Himself a son as a human being." (Pg. 382)

"God's presence not only does not change appearance, but, furthermore neither does it break up the unity within an individual. In fact, divinity itself makes a unity for every manifestation and individuation." (pg. 384)

"no doubt that in Christ's flesh the mystery is great..." (pg. 386)

"The true Messiah, Jesus, who was crucified, shared in the nature of God and man such that he could not be called a creature, but rather on that partakes of creatures." (pg. 387)

"from God's perspective there is nothing awaiting existence..." (pg. 403)

"Although you can give a special name that only suits God, the Father, such as calling Him "ungenerated" and "Christ's father," nevertheless, another name, which would reflect His glory or power with respect to us, suits the son just as the Father. In fact, it is bestowed upon the father through the son. Their name is necessarily one just as they are one. He is truly God, the omnipotent Creator, and he is truly Jehovah." (pg. 404)

All quotes taken from The Restoration of Christianity (An English Translation of Chistianismi Restitutio, 1553) by Michael Servetus. Translated by Hoffman and Hillar. The Edwin Mellen Press

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