Jeffrey Brickle, Professor at UGST : Monograph on Gospel of John

Jeffrey Brickle, Ph.D, is part of the faculty at Urshan Graduate School of Theology as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies. Brickle was honored to have his essay included in this landmark work. Brickle has concentrated his studies on the oral and aural nature of the Writings of John. This work also includes scholars such as James D.G. Dunn. It is a T&T Clark publication. You can preview here. Below is the table of contents. 

Part I: John and Oral Culture 

Introducing Media Culture to Johannine Studies: Orality, Performance, and Memory, Anthony Le Donne and Tom Thatcher
Seeing, Hearing, Declaring, Writing: Media Dynamics in the Letters of John, Jeffrey E. Brickle
The Riddle of the Baptist and the Genesis of the Prologue: John 1:1-18 in Oral/Aural Media Culture,Tom Thatcher
A Performance of the Text: The Adulteress' Entrance into John's Gospel, Chris Keith

Part II: John as Oral Performance 

John's Memory Theater: A Study of Composition in Performance, Tom Thatcher
The Medium and Message of John: Audience Address and Audience Identity in the Fourth Gospel, Thomas E. Boomershine
Jesus Retold as the World's Light in Johannine Oral Prophecy, Antoinette Wire

Part III: John in the Medium of Memory 

Scripture Talks because Jesus Talks: The Narrative Rhetoric of Persuading and Creativity in John's Use of Scripture, Michael Labahn
John's Gospel and the Oral Gospel Tradition, James D.G. Dunn
Memory, Commemoration and History in John 2:19-22: A Critique and Application of Social Memory, Anthony Le Donne
Abraham as a Figure of Memory in John 8:31-59, Catrin H. Williams

Part IV: Reflections and Directions 

What Difference Does the Medium Make? Barry Schwartz 
Introducing Media Culture to Johannine Studies, Gail R. O'Day

Jeffrey L. Brickle, Ph.D
Here is a link to Brickle's other works and information.

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