Poems by J.N. Anderson (Use whenever possible but give credit where it is due)

The Atheist and Thanksgiving

To whom does the atheiest give thanks?
For the pumpkin pie?
Surely not, for the pilgrim had no sugar in supply.
For the evolutionary eye?
Surely not, for it moves with blinded* eye.

To whom does the believer give thanks?
For the Turkey?
Surely not, for the turkey was supplied.
For the creators watchful eye?
Surely, for from Him are all needs supplied.

*Blinded eye here refers to a naturalistic evolutionary view that suggest evolution has occured through random natural selection

End of Times

It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times
Feelings never felt before
Moving to beats without rhymes
Experiences never experienced before
Living men among the end of times
Death’s hand beating on our door
Fear gripping men’s minds
Alas, is there a savior?
Indeed, Love has come and He has given us a rhyme

Time Needs No Permission

Quickly is how time seems to pass
Especially when happy and glad
In sure and steady steps time marches from the past.
Time in the present is really not so bad
Since time is not past or future, can it last?

Time is like a ball of yarn, which rolled from a shelf.
It falls and bounces yet with each motion it moves toward its end.
In spite of watcher or location, time marches despite vanity or self.
Within its bounds are we tightly held, as God does intend.
When the yarn seems fully undone, an endless yarn has really been spun.

The Dependancy of Man

~Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverbs 3:5 NIV)~

Man, such a finite and feeble thing.
Man, with a heart deceitfully wicked
Man, hashing about the darkness of a thing.
Man, lost with hope neglected.

The Creator, such an infinite and marvelous thing.
The Creator, from whom flows light and truth.
The Creator, always dwelling in the light of a thing.
The Creator, your light and way since your youth.

Man, looking to the Creator and upon Him laying the blame.
Man, seeking reparation instead of repentance.
Man, forsaking the light of the Creator and rejecting His name.
Man, lost in his own way, and declaring his independence.
Man, tells God, “Why am I this way? You are the creator of my shame!”

God, tells man, “I did not create you this way, nor in such shame.”
Man, tells God, “I seek my own way, I declare my independence.”
God, tells man, “Your way you have found, and in your shame will you cry for independence!”

The Pursuit of Truth

In this pursuit we must be true,
But from the wise is given a clue,
The easiest person to deceive, can really be you.
True to His Word, we must be,
When led by His Spirit, we can truly see,
For from us it leads, any deceit found in you and me.

Heaven, With A Window
(a poem I wrote for Mother's Day)

Rarely does heaven and earth collide.
Yet, when God made you, new history round our world did ride.
He joined us, and clearly now we know.
In divine surplus, God placed motherhood—on heavens window.

You are a mother like no other, for from you has come those who can see the Kingdom of God.
These are children like no other, for with them your caring, compassionate spirit will trod.

As the beauty of heaven rests on earth, I stand amazed at your worth.
When God blesses man, He does so when he made heaven and then added a window!

The Message Her Song Brings
(my wife sings like an angel and this poem was written for her)

Hark, the Herald
The Angel Sings
Like Light Her Song Moves
Shining As it Travels
Even Upon Ghastly Things

Hark, the Herald
With A Message
The Angel Brings
“Born in a manger.”
“Died upon a cross.”
“God, with Us.”
“Salvation He Brings.”

Hark, the Herald
The Angel Sings
“Immanuel, Savior and King.”
“The Lord of Glory.”
“Here, with us.”

Hark, the Herald
The Angel Sings
“Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter.”
“Christ, has Come.”
“The Lord of All Things.”
“Salvation He Brings.”
“Even To Ghastly Things.”

Adversus Trinitas

"...unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins." (John 8:24 ESV)