Oneness of God by Dr. Robert A. Sabin


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Thank you for posting these videos by brother Sabin who was a defender of the faith that was once delivered to the saints.
I first heard of the murder of Michael Servetus when I listened to the debate he had with trinis on the John Ankerberg show.
I don't watch Ankerberg since that time since he was not fair in his hosting of the debate. He was very partial to the heretics Martin and his partner.

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Praise the Lord. I am an ex oneness believer, born and raised in the Apostolic Church. I was a minister and taught the Apostolic doctrine. Sorry to tell you I had an opposite revelation that came from studying. I am a trinny as some say, however from hearing Robert Sabin I believe him to be a very sincere and humble brother. His teaching on the Godhead from Deut.6:4 was wonderful. Although I don't agree with his conclusion, the part on loving your neighbor was a beautiful teaching which is the proof that you love God. I have seen the debate with Walter Martin and agree that Ankerberg was somewhat unfair to Bro. Sabin. I don't agree with all of Brother Sabin's teaching but he seems to be a very lovable person and though I don't know him, I love his beautiful character. So from a Trinitarian to all Oneness believers: Love God and also your neighbor, be meek and humble of heart and I pray that in spite of our misunderstandings that God will look at our hearts and see that we did love Him even if we don't see Him as three or one.

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HE lost various debates

Bob James said...

Robert Sabin Destroyed those with whom he debated.
Bowman, White, the Iowa duo, Ankerbergs show with Martin and E."liar"Calvin Beisner.
Bowman knew he was done when he had the second debate and came out with egg and error on his face.
Martin and Beisner lied on the Ankerberg debate when they said they didn't believe in a eternal son, while Beisner's book was being offered as the premium for donations on the show and it showed he did.

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Oneness Vs Trinity - Walter Martin & E Calvin Beisner Vs Nathanial Urshan & Robert Sabin


Trinity vs. Oneness Debate: James White vs. Roger Perkins


Adversus Trinitas

"...unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins." (John 8:24 ESV)