Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, GID, and Evil

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, author of ONENESS, THE TRINITY AND LOGIC, is also the one who has constructed what is known as General Intelligent Design (GID). Recently Dr. Herrmann has written Science Declares Our Universe Is Intelligently Designed. You can purchase the book here or at Amazon.com.

Dr. Herrmann also believes in the Oneness of God and believes he has come to this conclusion in his personal journey of research and logical thinking. He is also a retired Professor of Mathematics (U. S. Naval Academy). He has a Ph. D. and an M.A. in Mathematics from American University. He also has a .B. A. in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Herrmann has individually published 73 articles in 30 different journals from 14 countries. He has written over 250 published reviews as well as 7 books, 5 of which are available, free of change, from his Internet site or the arXiv.org archives. He has personally presented 31 papers at scientific conferences and over 1,200 scientific disclosures.

Here is a great link from CreationWiki on GID and Dr. Herrmann. He is also listed as a Scientist of the Christian Faith by the apologetics website Tektonics.org.

It has been my privilege to dialoge with Dr. Herrmann, in a private email interview, about 12 concerns and questions about human and supernatural reality. The questions were posted awhile back along with various other comments here.

(1) God as described within the Bible has rational attributes.

The rationality of God's attributes is of the utmost significance. For hundreds of years, atheistic philosophers and scientists have claimed that such beliefs are irrational. The term irrational implies that those that accept Biblical principles are mentally defective. Some individuals even go so far as to state that those who accept a supernatural God are "insane."

This atheistic assertion has no bases in fact. It will continue to be made until a countering argument is presented. A strong opposing argument now exists. Mathematical reasoning, which is a portion of classical logic - the everyday logical patterns known since Aristotle - refutes this atheistic pronouncement. To do this, one needs to apply special techniques. The only mathematical object with the power to compare God's attributes with those of His created is called a nonstandard model, where the term nonstandard is a technical term. Such models are constructed using standard set theory. Modern set theory is also used to investigate the contents of these models. I have at my web site how these special techniques are used to counter the claim that God is an irrational concept. An article that presents many of the countering arguments is "God, as He is Biblically described, is a scientifically rational concept" found in the Special Articles section of


(2) It is rational to assume that He exists.

First, there are the results in (1). Then there is the General Grand Unification model (GGU-model), which is a cosmogony that generates universes. This model is interpreted in three ways or combinations of these ways. These are the secular, intelligent design or theological interpretations. What is present next is mostly the intelligent design and theological interpretations that correspond to God's creationary processes. These processes are analogue modeled by mathematical operators.

Every GGU-model operator employed to generate a universe is intelligently design by a describable higher-intelligence. A "signature" is a set of properties that characterizes a specific attribute or object. When applied, each operator has a signature that characterizes the application as being made by a higher-intelligence. All known secular and theological cosmologies can be generated by these operators. Even if a strict Bible-centered cosmology is not accepted, in general, any known cosmology can be produced and intelligently designed by a higher-intelligence. This is a significant fact.

I discovered the best possible unification U for the set of all physical laws and physical theories. Using the GID (i.e. General Intelligent Design) interpretation, this unification is contained in another unification *U, where U is *U restricted to our physical world. The operator *U has a higher-intelligence signature. From this, one concludes that the physical entities that exist as well as all physical patterns that correspond to physical laws or accepted theories are designed, indeed, pre-designed by a higher-intelligence.
Operator *U models (satisfies) part of John 1:30, and Col. 1:17.

The general processes that model universe generation are also used to establish (1) and a GGU-model prediction corresponds exactly to a very strict and literal Genesis 1 description for creation. This prediction corresponds not only to verses such as the remaining part of John 1:3, but to Col. 1:16 and Rev. 4:11. Further, the creationary processes have characteristics as stated in Ps. 148:1-5, and Heb. 1:3. Indeed, every statement where God "commands", "speaks" or even "thinks" the universe into existence is modeled.

The GGU-model predicts specifically that a universe external to our local environment can present cosmology-associated evidence that satisfies the view that a vast period of Earth-time is necessary for its development. Biblically, this universe can display great age and, yet, from within the local environment where actual Earth-time is measured, it was realized only 6 to 8-thousand Earth-time years ago. Hence, for all known cosmologies, our universe is the product of intelligent agency. This higher-intelligence can also create entities exactly as outlined in Genesis 1. Thus, the Biblically described Creator aspects of God are also classically rational.

My entire (personal) Bible-centered GGU-model mode for universe creation that establishes this strict Geneses 1 scenario is describe on my web site beginning with the article "DVD Illustration" in the Special Articles section of


The method used in particle-physics and cosmology to claim that certain entities as well as their behavior exist is the method of "indirect" evidence. This evidence comes from observable entities that are predicted to behave in specific ways assuming that the unobserved entities exist and behave in postulated ways.

On my web site, I have an article that gives a vast amount of indirect evidence for the existence of such a higher-intelligence. This article "GID - Evidence" is also in the Special Articles section at


In general, everything that exists is indirect evidence for God's existence and His mode of creation. Further, this indirect evidence corresponds to how, according to Paul in Rom. 1:20, God's invisible attributes are determined.

(3) Miracles are rational events.

There is a special process modeled by a special operator that is produced by a "mixed logic-system." A special property of this operator is that, for this purpose, it can be applied only by a higher-intelligence. The same higher-intelligence has intelligently designed it. The results of all applications of such a modeled process are intelligent designed by the higher-intelligence and the process being mathematically modeled is, hence, rational relative to classical logic. How this operator produces a miracle event is explained on my web site at


(4) The Holy Ghost is a rational concept.

As discussed by Paul, the Holy Ghost (Spirit), at the least, denotes the attributes of God that interact with our minds (brain). The same type of operator used in (3) can be used to influence our thinking in various ways. This operator also has "strength levels." I point out that this operator can also model how the Adversary can influence our thinking. Since God wants us to choice between our sinful nature and behavior He desires, the Adversary, the Prince of this world, is apparently allowed to use such an operator. This is indicated in Job 1:10, where the Adversary states, "Have you not put a hedge around him . . . . You have blessed everything he has . . ." (NIV) Then God removes the "hedge." Hence, by implication Job is a special case and the "hedge" does not generally exist. This also can be attested to by Eve's actions. Such rational behavior is further discussed on my web site in the article "Thought Control" in the Special Articles section of


If there are any other Holy Ghost attributes, then they are rationally modeled by the previously discussed methods.

(5) Everything that exists within the universe is evidence that God exists.

This is discussed above, if one uses the highly significant notion of indirect evidence.

(6) The rationally described Holy Ghost can influence our thoughts in a rational manner.

(7) The rationally described Adversary can influence our thoughts in a rational manner.

Statements (6) and (7) are discussed in (4).

(8) Our universe as a whole is designed and produced by actions taken by a higher-intelligence, where the higher-intelligence has the same attributes as those displayed by the Biblical God.

In the above, this is discussed at length.

(9) Every defined elementary object, if such exists (a neutrino and the like), is designed and produced by the same higher-intelligence.

Depending upon which of two general collections of processes one choices, there are five or four operators (distinct processes) that, taken together, produce any physical universe. All of these operators have higher-intelligence signatures. The GGU-model predicts, via rational methods and the meanings accorded some higher-intelligence symbolized statements, that entities called subparticles exist. One of these operators yields combinations of subparticles that, when the operator "st" is applied, yield elementary entities whatever they may be. The combining process is designed and applied by a higher-intelligence. Such specific universe-generating processes are discussed in


(10) Every combination of elementary objects, if any exist, and used to form any other physical object is designed and produced by the same higher-intelligence.

The operator that combines subparticles to yield other entities, as discussed in the web site article mentioned in (9), and the st operator accomplish this.

(11) The physical laws and theories are purposely designed by a higher-intelligence. These allow intelligent beings to construct additional physical-systems and subdue the Earth. Based upon physical laws or theories, every physical change in the behavior of every system composed of physical objects is controlled by the same higher-intelligence. (Controlled does not mean personal choice is removed.

The special *U-method used to form an event sequence, as discussed in my web site article at the URL in (9), shows that there are special and related purposes for these laws. They are not merely randomly obtained. These purposes are explicitly stated in the Bible at Genesis 1:26 and 1:28. "have dominion . . . over all the earth" "and subdue it [the earth]."

The absolute control comes from the application of the st operator and how the event sequences are pre-designed by *U. For example, in the theological interpretation, God must continually apply the st operator at each moment of primitive time or our universe would cease to exist as a real object. (This models the "sustains" of Heb. 1:3.) Then it is the method used to design event sequences that allows God to have knowledge of the past, present and future. Hence, He has original control over every aspect of a physical universe. In my book, "Science Declares that Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed" I give a specific method that can be used to satisfy participator alterations in physical-system behavior. This method allows us to make choices in every thing we do and the universe continues to develop using altered event sequences that do not contradict any aspect of the GGU-model or the other two interpretations. (By the way, although the above-mentioned book is necessary to more fully understand the GGU-model and GID, on my web site I have presented many new research findings.)

(12) This higher-intelligence can design and produce our universe in a
manner that follows a very strict (literal) interpretation of the creation
statements make in Genesis 1. He can do this in such a manner that the
results of His endeavors produce everything that we observe today including
apparent age. Some will observe remnants of God's original creations while
others are presented with a strong delusion. (This correspond to 2 Thes
2:11). Recall that this higher-intelligence can also design our universe so as to correspond to any proposed cosmology.

This is discussed above and in the articles mentioned in (2). In the first set of articles, I use the rapid formation model to generate a universe external to our originally created local environment, where any cosmology as depicted today can be used. Further, it is shown that there can be direct evidence today of both an ancient earth as well as evidence for a young earth without there being any contradictions. Evidence for strict Biblical creation is more likely to be observed through guidance from the Holy Ghost. Hence, since all evidence also points to creation by the Biblical God, then, as Paul indicates in Rom. 1:20, no one can rationally escape the choice that the Biblical God is the Creator of all there was, all there is and all there ever will be.

Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics (Ret.)
U.S. Naval Academy
Author of Science Declares Our Universe Is Intelligently Designed

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