Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, GID, and Evil

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, author of ONENESS, THE TRINITY AND LOGIC, is also the one who has constructed what is known as General Intelligent Design (GID). Recently Dr. Herrmann has written Science Declares Our Universe Is Intelligently Designed. You can purchase the book here or at Amazon.com.

Dr. Herrmann also believes in the Oneness of God and believes he has come to this conclusion in his personal journey of research and logical thinking. He is also a retired Professor of Mathematics (U. S. Naval Academy). He has a Ph. D. and an M.A. in Mathematics from American University. He also has a .B. A. in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Herrmann has individually published 73 articles in 30 different journals from 14 countries. He has written over 250 published reviews as well as 7 books, 5 of which are available, free of change, from his Internet site or the arXiv.org archives. He has personally presented 31 papers at scientific conferences and over 1,200 scientific disclosures.

Here is a great link from CreationWiki on GID and Dr. Herrmann. He is also listed as a Scientist of the Christian Faith by the apologetics website Tektonics.org.

It is my privilege to be dialoguing with Dr. Herrmann, in a private email interview, about 12 concerns and questions about human and supernatural reality. The questions are:

(1) God as described within the Bible has rational attributes.

(2) It is rational to assume that He exists.

(3) Miracles are rational events.

(4) The Holy Ghost is a rational concept.

(5) Everything that exists within the universe is evidence that God exists.

(6) The rationally described Holy Ghost can influence our thoughts in a rational manner.

(7) The rationally described Adversary can influence our thoughts in a rational manner.

(8) Our universe as a whole is designed and produced by actions taken by a higher-intelligence, where the higher-intelligence has the same attributes as those displayed by the Biblical God.

(9) Every defined elementary object, if such exists (a neutrino and the like), is designed and produced by the same higher-intelligence.

(10) Every combination of elementary objects, if any exist, and used to form any other physical object is designed and produced by the same higher-intelligence.

(11) The physical laws and theories are purposely designed by a higher-intelligence. These allow intelligent beings to construct additional physical-systems and subdue the Earth. Based upon physical laws or theories, every physical change in the behavior of every system composed of physical objects is controlled by the same higher-intelligence. (Controlled does not mean personal choice is removed.)

(12) This higher-intelligence can design and produce our universe in a manner that follows a very strict (literal) interpretation of the creation statements make in Genesis 1. He can do this in such a manner that the results of His endeavors produce everything that we observe today including apparent age. Some will observe remnants of God's original creations while others are presented with a strong delusion. (This correspond to 2 Thess 2:11). This higher-intelligence can also design our universe so as to correspond to any of the proposed cosmologies.

The replies to these questions will be posted on Evidential Faith soon. From what I understand, GID indicates that God is involved in "every instance" of change; micro or macro. Dr. Herrmann also states that this "models at lest two Bible verses Heb 1:3 where His power sustains everything and Col 1:17 where His power holds everything together."

This being the case it is a more philosophic inquiry then to account for the reason of evil, sickness, and disease. Since God is involved in "every instance" of change what of the only apparent argument for Atheism? Popular atheists (e.g. Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins) raise this issue frequently in their attacks upon the Christian worldview. Is there suspect morality in God creating changes that lead to cancer cells?

Dr. Herrmann replies:

"There is no such "problem" with evil or what some term as "natural" evil (disease etc.). Humankind originally resided in Pleasantville (Eden). There is a mathematical model that leads to the following interpretation. During day-four via the rapid formation model a very hostile-to-human-life exterior universe was formed. Pleasantville and its local environment still retained physical laws and processes highly different from those of the exterior universe. One purpose for such an exterior universe is to indicate the highly special treatment God accorded humankind as compared with what exists elsewhere. God made humankind in His own image. Hence, He gave humankind the right to make choices. Note that the physical laws and processes of this exterior universe do not depend upon the behavioral choices that human beings make.

Now evil behavior is instituted by a spirit-being, the Adversary. Such behavior is often the opposite of what God considers as correct (i.e. good) behavior. As stated above, there is a mathematically modeled process that allows the Adversary or his associates to influence our thinking. (This also is how the Holy Ghost influences our thinking. A medium for this may be related to the immaterial medium for human thought that Nobelist Sir John Eccles claims exists and can be indirectly verified via experimentation.)

Humankind chose to "listen" more to the Adversary's voice than to God's and they lost their Pleasantville residents. The Bible states that various Pleasantville physical laws no longer applied to their second residents, but they now corresponded to some, but not all, exterior universe physical laws and corresponding processes. In this regard, because of sin, as we are told, evil in the form of the Prince of the world influenced more and more individuals. Indeed, it was only after the first sin of disobedience that physical death, via the changed physical laws, occurs exterior to what was Pleasantville. God started to give human beings what they desired - freedom to choice evil or Him.

Humankind continued to listen to the suggestions of the Adversary or his associates and they chose to follow more of the suggestions. God once more stepped in and completed destroyed not just everything on the land but also the land itself. The remnants of humankind were deposited on a world that is physically controlled by the same laws that govern the physical behavior of the exterior universe. But, the earth that is now our home still has certain remarkable aspects that continue to protect us from the exterior hostile universe. In simple terms, we are now faced with death and all the unpleasant aspects fostered by the present physical laws and corresponding processes since God has given us what we desired. The Prince of the world voice is often much stronger than that of God's. But, we know that there is a way out of this "evil world," a way that will allow us once again to exist in a type of Pleasantville. I need not describe "the Way" since we know what it is.

One final thought on what is classified as evil. The GID model shows explicitly the following: there is a Divine language. (Probably that of the "third heaven.") God is (or has) an infinitely power "mind." A complete description of His power probably cannot be obtained by using the language we are accorded. Further, we can ask questions and they can have answers but these answers may require that His Divine language and His stronger mode of logic be used. Such questions often come about since we do not truly understand what the Greek "to believe" means. The oldest meaning is related to "obey." In this context, an individual's belief in Jesus is directly related to obeying Jesus. It is not related to questions such as "Why should I do such and such?"

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