Is the Name ‘Jesus’ Really Related to the Name ‘Zeus’? by Michael Brown

Good article by Dr. Michael Brown on Is the Name ‘Jesus’ Really Related to the Name ‘Zeus’?


  1. The fact is, anyone with a sound knowledge of Greek would know that there is zero connection between the names Jesus and Zeus in Greek, as someone once said, “Jesus is as much related to Zeus as Moses is to mice.”
  2. The original Hebrew-Aramaic name of Jesus is Yeshua, which is short for Yehoshua (Joshua), just as Sammy is short for Samuel. (By the way, there is no such name as Yahushua, supposedly the original pronunciation for Joshua in Hebrew—again, not true!—and God’s name was never pronounced Yahua. Throw those myths in the trash bin as well.)
  3. There’s nothing mysterious here, and this is just a matter of names in one language undergoing changes when they switch into another language, like Michael in English compared to Miguel in Spanish compared to Mikhael in Russian. There is no conspiracy and no cover-up.

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Timothy Lyons said...

I am a Oneness Pentecostal as well and have came across people having fallen subject to this new fad that Christianity has been mistaken on the "real name of Jesus". The point us that Jesus is not a magical spell or special formal that preforms miracles. It is the faith with which a believer speaks the name of Jesus with that give it power. Jesus in any langauge still has the same power and authority.

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