Book Review: Calling on the Name of Jesus by Jason L. Weatherly

Calling on the Name of Jesus by Jason Weatherly is an excellent resource for those familiar with the subject or even anyone on the outside looking in. This work is well organized and friendly to anyone willing to read. In this work Weatherly distills over 16 years of study, research and debates for our consumption. His first public debate took place in 1995 at the age of 22. He has since held numerous debates on a range of subjects and specifically the subjects covered in this work.

There is a Foreword, Introduction and nine chapters in this work. Chapter one is "The Baptismal Formula in Church History", chapter two is "No-Formula or Silent Baptism", chapter three is "The Great Commission", chapter four is "In the Name of" i.e. "Calling on the Name", chapter five is "In the Name of" not "By the Authority of", chapter six is 'Lexical Definition of "in the Name of"', chapter seven "Calling on His Name", chapter eight "The Baptism of John" and the last "Through His Name".

In chapter two Weatherly does a good job of explaining and responding to the "No-Formula or Silent Baptism" view. Around 1951 G.K. Wallace of the Church of Christ denomination went on record teaching the no-formula and silent baptism view. This view is still held erroneously by some Church of Christ teachers today while it was not nor ever was the actual practice of that religious organization. As Weatherly points out the founding fathers of the Church of Christ (Walter Scott, Alexander Campbell) supported a formula and that it was to be called or invoked over the baptismal candidate.

Calling on the Name of Jesus is a must have for anyone studying the doctrine of baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. This resource will be an excellent addition to the apologists bookshelf as a reference guide or even to help ground a teenager in the youth group. Click here to purchase for Kindle! Calling on the Name of Jesus in paperback is $12.99 (plus $3.00 shipping/handling)

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