Free Bible Research Tools

Here's a link to the International Critical Commentary series. It contains commentary on most books of the Bible (Old and New Testament) They are .pdf and .txt files that can easily be downloaded and perused from your computer.


Here's online access to a digital Nestle-Aland prototype at the University of Munster, shared by the Institute for NT Textual Research. Here's a link that can help guide you around the site: http://nttranscripts.uni-muenster.de/guide.html Three different Greek lexicons are linked to the text as well. It also shows which manuscripts have or do not have certain readings as well as comments on transmission of those texts.


Here's another link to great audio lectures. They were delivered at a Conference held at Charlotte Chapel Church Edinburgh on the Reliability of Scripture. Peter Williams, Dirk Jongkind and Simon Gathercole guest lecturers.
You can always peruse Evidential Faiths' resource list at the following link as well. It includes various Bible translations in audio and online format as well as commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. There are also free online Oneness materials and links to free Bible software by E-Sword and Unbound Bible.


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