Angry Calvinist?

Interesting article from the Society of Evangelical Arminians:
There seems to be lots of talk about angry Calvinists going on, with Calvinist leaders recognizing that there seems to be a problem with anger/rudeness/harshness/incivility etc. particularly among Calvinists. Here are 2 posts on this:

Ed Setzer interviews Calvinist Joe Thorn about the issue: "Joe Thorn and Angry (Fake) Calvinists"

Justin Taylor, "The Problem of 'Angry Calvinists' "

If we grant that there is a special problem among Calvinists in this area (surely the problem is not limited to Calvinists, but some Calvinist leaders seem to be observing that there is a special problem among their own), the following comments are in order:  
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Theodore A. Jones said...

I fully agree with the Calvinist on two of their points. They are totaly depraved and God has actually predestinated them, but not for what they think. See 1 Pt. 2:8b, disobey the message. They usually get really ticked off upon learning the truth about themselves. But there is a price to pay for following little lord Johnny Calvin.

Adversus Trinitas

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