Biblical Archaeology Series by Jason Dulle (Theosophical Ruminations)

Jehoichan-ration's tablet
Friend and scholar Jason Dulle is doing an excellent series on Biblical Archaeology at his blog Theosophical Ruminations. Dulle (pronounced like "Julie") writes, "Over the next few weeks I will be posting and discussing archeological discoveries of Biblical significance." He also lists several interesting facts about the value of Biblical Archaeology. If you've been wanting to brush up on this topic I suggest you give his blog a visit. Click here to peruse the series at his blog.

Value of Biblical Archaeology
Why should Christians be concerned about archeology?
  • Archaeology brings the Biblical stories to life in tangible way. It transfers them from the pages of a book—from stories—to the real world of experience by presenting us with empirical evidence that confirms the reliability and accuracy of the Bible’s historical claims.
  • Archaeology cannot prove everything in the Bible given how little is preserved, but what we have discovered supports the Bible’s general reliability against the skeptics who claim it is myth.Liberals tend to think the Bible is guilty until proven innocent. If there is no extra-biblical confirmation of the Biblical record, they presume the Bible is wrong. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Given the corroborating evidence archeologists have uncovered thus far, the Bible should be given the benefit of the doubt for historical claims that cannot be tested, or for which we do not presently possess any extra-biblical evidence for.
  • Archaeology helps adjudicate between religions by supplying good reasons to take the religious claims of one religion seriously over that of another. If the historical claims of religion Q has no corroborating support from archeology whereas the historical claims of religion R do, then that is one good reason to prefer religion Rover Q as the true religion. (Click here to read full post.)
I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts as much as I’ve enjoyed researching them.

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