The Attack of The Fitness Water on the Dividing Line!

Are you OK, Dr. White? Your podcast about lexicons and resources was very good. I must admit when I first heard you tell Rich "I think we're gonna have to take a break now" I was a little worried. But after I played it back to make sure I heard what I thought I did I couldn't help but laugh! My side hurts. Great podcast but please no more swigs of "fitness water."  

I was disappointed that your "British friend" was discouraged by your show. I believe we should be diligent students of God's Word (2 Tim. 2:15). However, after listening to you it seems you suggest one must know the original languages in order to understand the Trinity and consequently the Scriptures. Most believers have no formal seminary experience and the common man on the street that I witness to doesn't either. Dr. White if our English translations have any value then they should evident your view of the Trinity. If so, what good are they after all? I believe an element in early Reformation history was the impulse to put the Scriptures in the language of the common man. Because of this I believe our world is a much better and more brilliant place.

Do you believe that all Oneness believers are wrong because they do not "understand" how the language works? If so, wouldn't that mean any Trinitarian who also disagrees or misunderstands something also doesn't understand how the language works? How about when you told Robert Sabin that the Father was speaking in John 17:5? The subject speaking in that passage is Christ Jesus. Did you understand how the language worked then too? I get the impression from listening to you that you are the only one who really knows anything about Biblical exegesis and interpretation. I mean how many really know anything about the Greek article, right?

You have also repeatedly criticized my use of James D.G. Dunn and well you should given his criticisms of popular Trinitarian beliefs. You should more clearly point out though that scholars such as Dunn aren't the only ones I cite who disagree with you. There is nothing inconsistent or logically invalid in my use of such a scholar. If you feel there is I would like for you to demonstrate this for us. At this point you have only complained. If you simply disagree with them then just say so. Consider the following premises and conclusion.

A) James White likes to ride his bike in the mountains.
B) James White is a human.
C) Therefore, all humans like to bike in the mountains.

I am comfortable with saying premises A and B are true. I think you would too but we shall see. However, admittedly the conclusion is false. Although many may like biking in the mountains I am sure there is one or two on our planet that do not. Are any of the premises true, Dr. White?

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