Dr. James R. White Please Read This

You mentioned me in your podcast yesterday. I think you hit your high point in this podcast when you were pointing out "baby Greek"; the "oil of the language" and acquiring an understanding of the Greek "article" which you so humbly admit "almost nobody has." We have you to light the way. Thankfully your brief slip into solipsism was disquieted by those "infinitives."

Michael Burgos is the "fellow" who posted links in your chat channel possibly including a debate between him and I and some from Roger Perkins and previous debaters. After listening to your podcast I wanted to point out several things. Most of them will have to wait till another day. After getting a message from a Trinitarian apologist today asking me about the identity of the person who you failed to name in the latter portion of your show I decided to post something to my blog. Two things:

I apologize for mispronouncing logos. I make no claim to being an authority in the Greek language. I doubt the Apostle John sounded much like a Texan. For that matter, nor did he sound like a Trinitarian from Arizona. Insert smiles.

I am not a student of Roger Perkins. He is my friend and brother in Christ. Unfortunately he and I have only met a handful of times. Most of those times were to moderate two debates. The other was when we attended and spoke at the same conference. To this day I haven't had the privilege of sitting in any classroom he has ever taught nor heard one of his sermons. We live states apart and usually meet at debates (e.g. Glen Burt, Bruce Reeves). Perkins and I were into apologetics long before we ever met one another. It was our mutual pursuit of apologetics that caused our paths to cross. I can say that we are good friends and I highly respect him as messenger of the Gospel. Other than that I am a student of Scripture.

I have been listening to your debates and shows since the late 90's. I look forward to hearing your podcasts in the future as well.

In His Name,

JN Anderson

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