More Quotes from The Restoration of Christianity by Michael Servetus (1511-1553)

Michael Servetus

"Moreover, we have already shown somewhere near the end of Book One against Lombard that the Spirit's dispensations was the same thing as God, not a third metaphysical entity, and now we are going to demonstrate it again thus. For, just as God is said to have made through Himself what He made with the Word, because "God was the Word," so, because "God is the Spirit," what scripture relates as done through his Spirit, it relates as done through God Himself. Just as the "holy spirit spoke," so "God spoke through the mouth of the saints and prophets" (Acts 3 and Heb. 1). Therefore, what belongs to the domain of the holy spirit is attributed to God Himself in terms of a particular mode..."Who lies to the holy spirit, lies not to men, but God" (Acts 5)." (pg. 236)

"Because of these words, obviously speaking metaphysically about an invisible, real Son, Hilary in Book 2 and Book 8 of On the Trinity said that through the Holy Spirit sometimes the Father, sometimes the Son, sometimes a third entity was indicated. In the beginning of his Dialogues, Athanasius made similar references to the threefold spirit of those three entities. But, as far as I am concerned, everything is easy enough without metaphysical entities..." (pg. 237)

"First, by conceiving all things in His own mind God formed from eternity as exemplars the things in the form of his own light. Next by bringing them forth to exist as individual things, He gave them such a form as He had prefigured them in advance...Christ was the first who had in God his form."  (p.g 258)

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