Date and Burgos Aftermath : Comments from listener's

"I was amazed at how much time was spent discussing things that did not actually pertain to the debate. They spend much of their time twisting up David Bernard, Robert Sabin, and Jason Dulle and not the debate. They did admit that some OT passages that Trinitarians use as proof texts were, in actuality, not good proof texts of the trinity. LOL OP's have been telling them that for years. I guess it's finally sinking in."

"Interestingly enough they did mention a few comments from some Trinitarians who didn’t like some of Mike’s comments during the debate and said, “he gave away the farm.” Evidently he couldn’t convince some of his own fellow Trinitarians. I think Chris discerned this."

"They did bring up the fact that James sounded easy to listen to and that he seemed to be the more dynamic, charismatic speaker. Then they went into a dialogue about Mike needing to improve in his speaking ability. That he needed more debating experience, and that he was nervous and didn’t know what James was going to bring up. Well, la-de-da!! Chris and Mike seem to leave people with the impression that Mike was a novice debater and this was possibly his first debate when in reality this is far from the truth. Mike has had several debates (verbal and written)...This should tell people how he thought the debate went. Incidentally, they also forgot to mention that this was Bro Anderson’s first debate, he was probably nervous also, and he didn’t know what direction the debate was going to move either."

"They talked about interpersonal communications between the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit and and selected comments from David Bernard. They ridiculed him yet never answer his arguments. This wasn’t information discussed in the debate."

"Chris and Mike left the impression that their Trinitarian view of the Godhead subsists in three centers of consciousness. No important Christian theologian has argued that there are three self-conscious in the Godhead. This would be theological suicide."

"Toward the end of the program they tried to patch up Mike’s answer to the question of how many spirits did Jesus have. He admitted he said what he did for “the sake of brevity” (actually he let Chris put words in his mouth) now he wanted to clarify (fix his mistakes) what he meant."

"The Host, Chris, seems like a likeable guy and comes across at being fair, but definitely shows his bias by taking two days of his program time to attempt to “patch up” the blunders Mike made. I tend to like Chris but think he should let the debate speak for itself, if he wants to come across as being fair, instead of propping up his own Trinitarian biases. Anyway these are just my personal thoughts."

Comments posted (5.13.2011) from a listener on Theopologetics:

"Thanks for this, Chris. I missed the original debate, but this discussion was thoroughly interesting. I was brought up with the Trinity drilled into me. But I was also reading the Bible daily from a very young age, which is why preterism came so easily to me when I finally learned of it. And I’ll be honest, the concept of the Trinity has bothered me for years. It’s not that I disagree with what people say about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It’s just that the way people talk about the Triune God doesn’t seem to be completely consistent with the way the Bible talks about God the Father, His Son and the Holy Ghost. But I see now that you and many others have studied this subject a lot more in-depth than I have.
Listening to this show gave me a lot to think about. I’m still unsettled in my opinion of the Trinity concept, but it was great to hear about some perspectives I hadn’t thought about before. I sure appreciate what you do."

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mlculwell said...

Excellent.. I enjoyed the post and the debate.

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