Logos Bible Software and Biblia : Great Resources!

I have been using Logos Bible Software for many years now. I also use other software for my Bible studies but this has to be one of the best digital Bible programs available. It has a great search engine to find and research any Bible word or theological topic. Not only is the software great but they are great people to work with over the phone. Another plus is that Biblia and Logos Bible Software have partnered up for the benefit of its customers. This means good news for us theologians.

If you have logos software, also referred to as Libronix (search engine), you can also create an account at Biblia.com and access many of your library books online. Anywhere access. You have access to great translations and reference works side by side! Students can also get academic discounts. This is how I got my first Scholars edition from Logos a few years ago. If you are into Bible study and and really enjoy your Logos Bible Software like me then you'll enjoy this resource!

The About Page notes this:
Biblia.com is your place for Bible study online. Part of a family of services from Logos Bible Software, it offers free access to a collection of Bibles and Bible reference works, with an easy user interface and powerful search engine.
Biblia.com uses exactly the same e-books and account management as Logos Bible Software, whether you download software or not. That means that Biblia.com already offers thousands of high quality resources for Bible study. You can purchase content for use with Logos Bible Software for Windows or Macintosh, or simply unlock it online at Logos.com, and you’ll have access to it online at Biblia.com.*
Biblia.com is in beta release now; this release represents just a fraction of the features we have planned! Please share your ideas by joining the conversation on our forums.
* Certain titles are not yet licensed for online and iPhone display. We’re working to secure permission from rights holders, and are activating new titles all the time. Each book’s page at Logos.com indicates whether or not it works with the iPhone, and the Biblia.com restrictions are almost exactly identical.

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