Notes from AWPC Doctrinal Conference by Philip Harrelson

David K. Bernard

Notes by Philip Harrelson (Barnabas Blog) from the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church--Doctrinal Conference with David K. Bernard.

-Doctrine is of crucial importance in our times. Doctrine can only come from the Word of God. This is where our authority comes from. The Word has to be our only authority.
-We cannot err from the Scriptures, they are timeless and without error. Creeds, councils, etc. hold no equivalent to the Scriptures.
-I have a personal responsibility to fulfill what the Bible commands. It cannot be a matter of preference but it solely rests on a matter of obedience.
-Apostolic (defined)—Like the apostles. Following their practices, teachings, and methods.
-The Gospels tells us who Jesus is. Acts gives the birth of the Church in a story form but it is more than just history. It serves as the game plan or blue print of an Apostolic church whether 1st century or 21st century.


-Every man at some point will have the drawing of God on his life although he may not recognize exactly who the voice belongs to. 
• Romans 1 mentions the witness of nature. 
• Romans 2 determines the witness of the conscience. 
-Both are calling for a response from man. He must respond appropriately to the call of God and if he does not, he will be lost.
-In Acts 2:14, Peter standing with the Apostles spoke the message of the church concerning salvation. As they all stood with them, they were endorsing this message. Acts 2 presents the Gospel because it goes through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Acts 2:38 is the response of the people to the message they had heard.

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