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Stephen Hawking proved mathematically that the Singularity is not in time or in space, but outside both. In other words, the Singularity is transcendent to space and time...In physics, all causal chains begin in the Singularity. The Singularity has no cause. For a thousand years and more, Christian theologians have asserted that there is on and only one "achieved" infinity, and that infinity is God...The Cosmological Singularity is God.

~Frank J. Tipler, The Physics of Christianity~

It is likewise necessary to know that although the soul is joined to the whole body, there is yet in that a certain part in which it exercises its functions more particularly than in all the others; and it is usually believed that this part is the brain, or possibly the heart; the brain, because it is with it that the organs of sense are connected, and the heart because it is apparently in it that we experience the passions.

~Monroe C. Beardsley, The European Philosophers from Descartes to Nietzsche~

An obsession with individual rights is destroying our society.

~Don Feder, A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America~

In his desire for church unity, Constantine went out of his way to assimilate the heretics who insisted upon the splitting of the Godhead in to earthly and heavenly parts.

~John Romer, Testament-The Bible and History~

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