Albert Louw: Physical Constants

There are, in nature, a number of physical constants designated by letters that are common to all scientists world wide. Here are a few:

• e: the basic unit of electric charge associated with an electron. Electrons are the particles moving around the positive nuclei of atoms.
• m: the mass of the electron.
• c: velocity of light in vacuum.
• h: Planck’s constant, a very important constant associated with energy.
• G: the gravitational constant associated with the force of attraction between material bodies.

If such constants did not have the precise values that they do possess and did not stand in relation to one another (in size), in the way they do, then the programme that ultimately led to life on planet earth, indicated in the sketch, could not have taken place.

Alberts, Louw. (1997, c1996). Christianity and the enquiring mind:Essays on the compatibility of the Bible and the findings of science. Also available in Afrikaans. Vereeniging: Christian Publishing Co.

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