Resource Review: Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus Part II

In a previous post we discussed the resource Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus by Michael L. Brown. He is a reasonable and respected Jewish-Messianic apologist and scholar. This four-volume set is also available for Logos users. In this post we will continue reviewing his work. Specifically, highlighting the aims and objectives of each volume.

Volume One: General and Historical Objections.

This volume gives an answer to general objections like "Doesn't belief in Jesus mean you're no longer Jewish?" and "If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why don't more Jews believe in him?". It also answers historical objections such as "If Jesus is really the Messiah, why isn't there peace on earth?", "Christians have always hated and persecuted the Jewish people.", "Just look at the church! Who's right?" and many others. This volume covers well over 30 questions or objections to Jesus.

Volume Two: Theological Objections.

This volume covers over 25 well selected theological objections to Jesus. These objections include "If you claim Jesus is God then you are guilty of making God into a man.", "God doesn't have a son.", "We are righteous by what we do, not by what we believe.", "Jews don't believe in a divine Messiah.", "Jews don't believe in a suffering Messiah.", "Jews don't believe the Messiah will come twice." and many others.

Volume Three: Messianic Prophecy Objections.

This volume covers objections to Jesus as the prophesied Messiah of the Old Testament. They include such objection as "Isaiah 7:14 does not prophesy a virgin birth!", "Isaiah 9:6 does not speak of a divine king.", "Daniel 9:24-27 has nothing to do with the Messiah." and many others. This volume covers almost 40 objections to Jesus. Over 12 of them concern the 53 chapter of Isaiah alone.

Volume Four: New Testament Objections.

This volume covers over 33 objections to Jesus based upon the New Testament. This volume covers objections such as "The New Testament misquotes and misinterprets the Old Testament.", "The New Testament is full of historical inaccuracies.", "None of the important historical writers of the period--Roman or Jewish--make mention of Jesus.", "The genealogies of Jesus given by Matthew and Luke are hopelessly contradictory." and many others.

Michael Brown does not just provide quips or short replies to the objections either. In volume three, one of the Jewish objections is "Isaiah 9:6 does not speak of a divine king." Brown firstly notes that the oldest Jewish translation of this passage, found in the Septuagint, understands all the names as referring to the king. One person bears the throne room names, not two different persons. The child born and the son given is the Eternal Father and the Mighty God. He notes that the Targums also identify Isaiah 9:6 as a Messianic prophecy. Overall, Brown does an excellent job of understanding and then properly interacting with the objections.

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