Roger Perkins and James White Debate Audio

Congratulations to Bro. Perkins on an excellent job in giving an answer and defense to Trinitarian apologist Dr. James White. Listen below to hear an excellent debate on "Did the Son, as a self conscious divine Person distinct from the Father and Holy Spirit, exist prior to His Incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth?"

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Opening Statements:

First Rebuttals:

Second Rebuttals:

First Cross-Examination:

Second Cross-Examination:

Audience Questions:

Closing Statements:

Thanks to Pastor Craig Ireland and Hope Christian Church for making this audio available. Click here to listen from Hope Christian Church, Brisbane, Australia.


mlculwell said...

I just thought I would let you know, Your links to the debate are dead.

JN Anderson said...

Thanks for the heads up! Try them again. I think I fixed them.

Scott said...

It is not easy disassembling arguments of tradition from either the vatican, Judaism or trinitarianism. All three of there elites stand behind years of tradition along with theological education. Paul was a pre modern day White, prior to his revelation of Jesus, IMO. I do think Perkins exposed the beginnings of a faulty foundation. At some point though, the wonderful revelation of God loving us so much that HE gave all of Himself on the cross has to become a reality. I think the biggest crack in tradition Perkins made was manifying White's pitch for three centers of conscienous in the Godhead required for salvation. If we can crack that doctrine open more, God can start revealing Himself past pre concieved traditions and maybe some will be baptized accordingly. Thanks Scott

David Marino said...

Rev. Roger Perkins clearly came out the victor in this debate.

Anonymous said...

LOL Roger perkins won? are you serious? This probably one of the worse debates from a oneness i have ever seen. Atleast Bernard understands how to debate. Perkins was horrible and at best rude. The Sabellianism hersey came as early as 200 A.D. Now its full blown again

Anonymous said...

Then I guess we can all assume you accept White's concession to worshipping a God who exists as "3-Divine-Individuals, each w/ their own separate center of consciousness apart from the other two"???? Or, maybe it was when White started talking about "chickens w/ feathers" that got him the thumbs up!? LOL. White is a "conceptual tritheist," & we won't even BEGIN to discuss the comments of the moderator about White's clear pomp.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when this debate will be available on DVD?
I prefer watching it to just listening...Post a link if you find it...THANKS

all4Him said...

It is perfectly clear that Perkins was out of his league.

Anonymous said...

Funny the unbiased moderator did not think Perkins was "out of his league." From what I understand, he explicitly told Perkins he felt like he won the debate (as did others).

I guess we OP's are to suppose worshiping White's curious God whom exists as "3-divine-individuals, each w/ their own separate center of consciousness apart from the other 2 divine individuals" (see Perkins' cross-ex., [first question to White])constitutes "orthodoxy." LOL.

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