Quotes from The Mighty God in Christ by S.G. Norris

"Jesus was not just a man filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or blessed with the presence of God, like the prophets of the Old Testament. The fullnesss of that wonderful presence of the Lord's Spirit Being, not just a part of it, was incarnated in the body of Jesus Christ and flowed out from Him." (The Mighty God in Christ, pg. 21)

"In order to save man from sin, it was imperative that He manifest the fullness of His divine Being, which was Spirit, in a Body or Son ("Without shedding of blood is no remission"). This was to become His PERMANENT BODY or Tabernacle." (The Mighty God in Christ, pg. 19)

""God did not remain in heaven and send a Son, the second Person in the Godhead, to earth. He was right here HIMSELF, GOD WITH US Matthew 1:23" (The Mighty God in Christ, pg. 20)

"Jesus Christ was either God mainfested in the flesh, or an imposter. He was none other than the Lord God, here on earth in a body....If you take away the absolute DEITY and incarnation of the DIVINE BEING (God, the Spirit) from the Lord Jesus Christ, then you cause the Bible to crumble, and our HOPE OF SALVATION to perish." (The Mighty God in Christ, pg. 22, 23)

The Mighty God in Christ by Norris, S. G. Publisher: Harvestime, St. Louis, MO.


heroldable said...

for the time being, Gods only son is Lord.
Read 1 Kor. 15...

heroldable said...

I want you to read: Ef. 2, 4-10. But first: Kneel Down for the Father of all creation and say this prayer: "Father, thank you for opening a New, living way, into Your presens, by offering/sacrifying Your first creation, Your beloved son. Let him die, rose him from the grave and sat Him by Your right side, so that he could be the Lord till the end. to give us the opertunity to, by believing this, follow Him (Jesus Christ) to Your, eternal Kingdom in heaven"

I wish you Gods: Peace, joy and Love.

Adversus Trinitas

"...unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins." (John 8:24 ESV)