5 Biblical Facts on the Godhead by Talmadge French Ph.D

Biblical Facts Concerning the Godhead:

These facts are excerpts from Talmadge French's publication "The Oneness" printed by Voice & Vision Publications.

Biblical Fact #1: Jesus is the One God in His Totality. Jesus isn't another, second person, or only part of the Godhead.

Biblical Fact #2: Jesus declared: "I and the Father are One." Not two. Not separate. But One and the same--God in Flesh.

Biblical Fact #3: Jesus was God Himself made flesh--God as perfect man, with His own blood, redeeming lost humanity.

Biblical Fact #4: The Oneness of God--emphatically declared in the Old Testament--is reaffirmed in the New.

Biblical Fact #5: Jesus is the Great "I Am!" The One Lord God Jehovah of the Old Testament is revealed as Jesus in the New Testament.

Dr. Talmadge L. French holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ancient Language (Greek) and a Master of Arts degree in New Testament Theology. Dr. French is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Birmingham, England.

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Jerry said...

Was the Son eternally Begotten? If not, how can you stay true to the grammar of John 17:5 and say there was not two separate existences before creation. Words and foreknowledge haven't the potentiality required to create or have interpersonal relationships, or to have consciousness to be aware of such things.

Anonymous said...

OP's do not hold to the doctrine of an eternal God the Son person existing consciously as a separate existence apart from the Father. This is not monotheism in any sense of the word. Separate existences each consciously aware of themselves is blatant polytheism. How does more than one omnipresent existence exist in another space that the other omnipresent existences does not? Such things have no point of reference in an atemporal state. The space-time continuum did not even exist so a Son being eternally regenerated has no point of reference and no explanatory power.

Anonymous said...

John1:1 - in the beginning was the word...and the word WAS God...

Even catholic encyclopedias and books acknowledge that there is no trinitarian baptism. For me, a former Roman Catholic, no change came until I took on the only saving name. Jesus - Jehovah is salvation and Emmanuel, God with us. He even told Philip, "...if you have seen me you have seen the Father. HIS book backs it up.

Able ForJesus said...
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Able ForJesus said...
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Able ForJesus said...
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