Stepping Stones by Nevin Bass

Author Nevin Bass, from Truth Streams, is a pastor, teacher, writer and an avid fly fisherman. In this work he offers a great resource for every pastor or minister—Stepping Stones. The book also comes with PowerPoint files for use in teaching each chapter as a lesson or a series of lessons. Bass uses the journey of the Hebrew people through the wilderness to reveal how God helps us to grow and develop into a true man or woman of God. The journey through the wilderness is how God “teaches life’s lessons through trials.”

In the foreword, author and Bible teacher--Kelsey Griffin--notes that the work of God “is not a sudden transformation but a slow, steady, and continual process of adjustments through situations…” (pg. xi).  In this work Bass demonstrates this through the life of Israel. Chapter one, helps to prepare us for the journey. Bass notes that “greatness will always elude us until we are able to transform our thinking and thus reform our living.” (pg. 12). Each chapter concludes with a summary to draw together the strings of each thought.

Chapter two is about “Conquering Fear” and the author rightly points out that “the first trial Israel encountered in the wilderness was the fight against fear.” (pg. 31). This chapter encourages us to control our fear by taking our fears to God in prayer.

Chapter three masterfully deals with the topic of bitterness. Bass says, “Bitterness is the result of an inflated sense of self-merit as well as false expectations” and goes on to say “no hardship can ever come into your life that did not travel the road of his sovereignty.” (pg. 46, 47).

Chapter four helps us to develop a thankful heart. Thankfulness is something missing in our culture that feels everything is “owed” them. Bass covers the contagious nature of complainers, traits of an unthankful heart, breaking the cycle of ingratitude, and God attacks ingratitude through daily dependence.

Chapter five is about “Trust and Obey” that is fully relying upon God. Bass notes that “trusting God today and surrendering the unknowns of tomorrow is what conveys us along the path to greater revelation.” (pg. 77) This is a lesson derived from the daily manna given to the Hebrew people by God. It helped to create a daily trust and dependence upon God.

Bass begins chapter six with “depth of character is gained in times of dryness.” (pg. 83) No matter how short or how long we have been on our journey with God we will experience times of dryness. Here the author explores how God uses dryness “combat carnality.” (pg. 86)

The next six chapters cover: Dealing with Delays, The Crisis of Unsettling Change, Burying Lust, Believing the Word, Obeying the Word, and Altering God’s Purpose. This book is a gold mine for every minister who is looking for good seed material for sermons and lessons.

In Stepping Stones, Nevin Bass takes the lessons of the Hebrew people and seeks to apply them to today. There is bibliography, index and Scripture index. In a little over 200 pages you are invited on a journey of stepping stones to glory!                                                                                              

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Building God's Wall: Reclaiming Your Spiritual HIgh Ground

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