Existence of God and Holiness: A Sure Foundation

These are only my musings. I mean no offense to anyone or any of our doctrines. It seems that the "right" is concerned with the tug of the "left" as it concerns holiness in the Oneness movement, particularly the UPCI vs. WPF. And vice versa. These things happen as do the ebb and flow of life. Things change and the world is a very big place to reach after all. Thank God for such organizations as the UPCI, WPF, ALJC as well as brethren who are not affiliated, yet upholdng Truth, with any organization or one not named.

The intensity of this tug of war between the "left" and the "right" has existed in almost all forms of discourse and thought. Even the early Roman senates were secatarian as a result of agenda often times. This is the problem however and not a solution, right? I thinks so. So, what is a solution? Notice I said "a" solution.

I believe that we should return to a more fundamental teaching on the existence and nature of God, beginning with Him being a trancendant being. Why? Scripture commands us to be holy because He is holy. We all realize that holy means to "be set apart" at the very least. This is so with God the Father who exists outside of time, space, and matter. He is holy.

How will this help holiness? Think of it this way. Think of the foundation of our trust as being "faith in God"

Foundation = "faith in God".

Faith in God? What kind of God? A personal, impersonal deity? Sustaining creation or a part of creation? His desire to restore His creation? This is a fundamental way to strengthen the foundation of faith and will subsequently, or as a result, strengthen one's view of our Holy God.

Dr. Carl F.H. Henry has noted that a persons

“concept of God is determinative for all other concepts; it is the Archimedean lever with which one can fashion an entire world view.” (Remaking the Modern Mind)
In the Old Testament, for sure, it is clear that worship to any god or gods will affect lifestyle. The result of worship to pagan gods such as Molech, Ashtoreth, or Diana was always in accordance with the nature or concept of that god. Our view of God is tantamount to a root system of a potential or existing tree. From it all our thinking and biblical concepts of God are strengthened.

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