Quotes from Our God Is One by Talmadge French

Our God Is One by Talmadge French. Click here to purchase. Hardcover, 283pgs.

"For more than 85 years the Pentecostals have been preaching and singing abou Jesus, His Deity, and the absolute oneness of God. This book presents their story in thorough detail from the early Oneness Pentecostalim and the development of its earliest organizations. Oneness Pentecostalism emerged within the context of the fervor of restorationism and "back to the Bible" literalism at the turn of the century. In its rejection of the conception of the Trinity, it embraced the one and only God in totality, incarnate in the New Testament. Their positions and argumentation are made understandable in this book to those outside the movement. Yet its primary purpose has been documentation, rather than apologetic." (from Shiloah Books)

"preliminary research suggests that the actual size of Oneness Pentecostalism is approaching 20 million." (pg. 86)

"The doctrine held as the supreme theological feature of Oneness Pentecostalism is, unequivocably, its belief in the absolute, unqualified Deity of Jesus Christ." (pg. 161)

"The very essence of Oneness Pentecostal theology and experience is, in fact, "God in Christ," or God as man. To know Christ is to know God." (pg. 183)

After discussing the fact that Oneness is not Unitarianism French writes: "Oneness Pentecostals view themselves as non-Trinitarians, almost universally avoiding the use of the term "the Trinity" with respect to their own views of the nature of the Godhead. In its place thye use the common designation "the Oneness." When the speak of "the Godhead" they are most often referring to God's absolute Oneness. by use of the term "the Oneness of God," Pentecostals are emphasizing the one omnipresent God, mediated in Christ the Savior, and particularly present through the Spirit within believers." (pg. 191)

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"...unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins." (John 8:24 ESV)