God Has Blessed America

I am disturbed by the notion and, now in fact, reality that Barak Hussein Obama is an actual candidate for presidency of this great United States of America. I have nothing against the color of his skin, nor his lineage in actuality. It is his indoctrination or his epistemological structure. What does he know, and how does he know what he knows? This indeed is a scarier notion than the former, that was indeed a notion but now a fact.

Black Liberation Theology (BLT) is an aberrant construct that has no predominant influence in the man or woman of our presidency. Obama's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright (17 years), made it clear to Sean Hannity that BLT is what he believes and preaches. In some sense the entire Obama family are disciples and have been for almost 20 years. I have sat under my Pastor for less than that amount, but close, and am fully conscious of the effects of such long term relationships. Even with that little fact, I feel I can rationally scope the horizon of Obama's understanding of the Bible and Christianity and realize it is not Christian in any sense that we should rightly know.

It is also more than what American ideology should know or experience. Uniquely American ideals, early ones at least, and philosophies consisted differently than what they are rapidly becoming today. What of citizenship? National sovereignty? These goals are what made our American identity, but are now becoming relics. Maybe that is why there is an electoral college? (TIC) The church is not the only place touched by liberalism and the fall out of post-modernity.

God has made us free-will creatures. He will not violate our will by forcing us. He has constituted us as thinking creatures as well. Evolution is not an answer for the state of our being, and neither is our thinking equipment there as an evolutionary spare tire. We indeed are part of history making. We help to determine future events that we will one day reflect upon or even possibly have imposed upon ourselves.

God has blessed America. What is America doing with her blessings? He has not damned her, she needs the Church to be light and alive in this hour and not dark and dead. At some point, North America has to become a priority in our prayers, our thinking, and our priorities. I say our prayers need to be bigger, to have hope in dreams and visions from our Lord; and never get disconnected from Him. We are here, and here we are. With and through Him we are the only real hope for the world filled with misinformation. We must be salt and light like never before. We must make a difference, here and now. Not only in the next 24 hour period of our existence but also before our time here is done, or before time as we know it is no more.


John Atkinson said...

Great Blog Bro. Anderson!

James Anderson said...

Thanks for coming by! Hopefully there is something here to help along the way. Godspeed!

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