New England Kitchen in 1776

This picture was sent to me by Gary Bankson. He writes:

Hello! I thought the picture of a New England kitchen in 1776 was interesting. This picture is not a forward...it is from an American History Course in which the students were asked to give their analysis of of the picture as an assignment.
Bankson goes on to comment:

The artist has painted a picture of family togetherness, mutual hard work, and simplicity. The only family members missing are the young husbands of the young women, who must be either sisters or sisters-in-law. The reason I say there must be younger husbands is that there are children happily playing. I believe that the man at the table is the chidren's grandfather, too elderly to work the fields. The lady sewing may be the grandmother, and young adult men are out working the farm or possibly butchering and preparing the meat, cutting wood etc. The reason for so many women together is that this may be preparation for a special holiday like Thanksgiving rather than a typical day. Maybe extended family have come together and sisters are in the kitchen helping. The women are dressed tastefully, decently, and modestly. The scene depicts people who work hard but are contented, family oriented, and thankful to God for their blessings.

Generally speaking, today we are much more materially blessed, much more mobile, less family oriented, less contented, and less thankful, pious and God-fearing than our early forefathers. A huge number of these brave souls came to America to secure religeous freedom and to build a new nation based on Judeo Christian principles derived from the Bible. We are in the midst of just the kind of social "progress" the Bible prophesied we would have to endure before His second coming. Even so, "Come Lord Jesus!!!" In the meantime, in the coming election let us "vote our values" and not just our pocketbook.

God Bless!


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