Early UPC Debates: Sabin and Urshan

Here is a video collage of an early UPC debate with Nathaniel Urshan, Robert Sabin, Walter Martin, Calvin Beisner and John Ankerberg. I believe there are 27 in total, but I have attempted to streamline those I have found for easy access and use.

NOTE: Martin uses intense emotive arguments to discredit Urshan and Sabin early on. I suggest we watch it and understand and learn. There are good answers to the grammar and syntax that Beisner and Martin bring up. Please make some comments about the video's. What would you have said in response? Better answer? Comment and let me know.



Here are some links to a myriad of responses to this debate, in some form, by David Bernard, Robert Sabin, et al.



My blog has several articles that address a few of the questions raised by Martin or Beisner from the standpoint of the text. Feel free to peruse. Here is a great Q&A link from a smart dude--Jason Dulle. This link may cover questions you may have too. I highly recommend you put his website and blog in your Favorites.


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