Evidence That Christ Was Raised From The Dead?

I believe that we can prove that Jesus Christ, an actual historical figure, was raised from the dead. I believe this position can be reached in much the same fashion that we determine certain other historical truths that we presently know today.

Jesus was a well- known figure in Israel (Roman Historian—Tacitus and Jewish Roman Historian—Josephus). His burial site was known by many people. In fact Matthew records the exact location of Jesus' tomb. He states, "And Joseph of Arimathea took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb" (Matt. 27:59). Mark says that Joseph was "a prominent member of the Council" (Mark 15:43). It would have been counterproductive for the writers to invent a man of such prominence, name him specifically, and designate the tomb site, since eyewitnesses would have easily discredited the author's fallacious claims.

5 weeks after Christ’s crucifixion He is resurrected and over 10,000 Jews are following Him and claiming that he is the initiator of a new religion, and they are willing to give up or alter all of their social and religious institutions that they had been taught since childhood that are so vitally important to them. All because of a man who was God manifest in the flesh; died, was buried and truly was resurrected!

The resurrection works to solidify other apologetic or philosophical issues as well. The existence of God is such a one. Using the fact of Christ’s resurrection then, who raised Christ? No human, known today, has the power to raise the dead. It also is useful in combating Mormonism. For example, the reports of Jesus’ appearances are held to be similar to those of Joseph Smith. Possibly most devastating is the fact that all 12 of the disciples maintained the faith and were willing to suffer, if not die, for this faith. Out of the eleven witnesses to the golden tablets given Smith, six of those witnesses later left the Mormon faith.

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