J. Rodman Williams

Here is a link to an invaluable resource from J. Rodman Williams of Regent University. Daniel Segraves, Robin Johnston, and other Oneness teachers also attend or have attended Regent as well. Regent is also the home of Vinson Synan who is one of the most esteemed Pentecostal historians and theologians to date. Williams presents Pentecostal Theology from several aspects. If you ever wonder what a Pentecostal's position on certain things should be, generally speaking, then this is a great place.

I highly recommend we all study his Ten Teachings (a basic Systematic Theology)and Scripture: God's Word. It will benefity any minister greatly. You can download much of his information from this website to save as a Word.doc or a .pdf for future use.

Note, as with any writing, you need to eat the meat and pick out the bones. Save us the "I only read Oneness authors post"! I am not saying you nor I agree with his teachings in whole but, overall he gives a much needed aspect in articulating a clear and broad Pentecostal Theology. Also, the word charismatic refers to the spiritual gifts and not a particular preference on holiness standards. So, even the Ultra-Con can glean a few things.

Charismatic Pentecostal Theology by J. Rodman Williams


florence said...

This is a question rather than a comment. I would appreciate any news about my old New Testament professor, Dr. J. Rodman Williams and his wife Jo.

James Anderson said...

I would like to say I knew, but I do not. I simply found Dr. Williams link extremely helpful to Pentecostal theology and decided to post it on my blog. I am from Liberty University and have never met Dr. Williams. Thanks for the commment!

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