Debate : "The Son personally preexisted the incarnation with the Father." Burgos and Anderson

I will have the privilege of debating with Michael Burgos from Onenesspentecostal.net. Burgos is a Reformed Trinitarian and is equally adamant about his faith. This should be a good debate and discussion. The debate will be on Theopologetics next Tuesday, April 5th, at 8:00 pm. It will be live and recorded to mp3. I am very thankful for Chris Dates for hosting this debate. 

After reading some of Burgos' material and having heard a previous interview on Theopologetics I sent him an email asking him if he was willing to do a debate on the Trinity and Oneness theologies on Chris' podcast. Previously, Burgos had challenged me to a public debate. We were going to do a debate in public some time this year but we  have agreed to this venue instead for now. Burgos has spent alot of time and effort concentrating on Oneness Pentecostal beliefs. I pray that we will both learn something from this discussion.

I ask you to keep me in prayer as I pray and prepare. I hope to make the mp3 available on the blog and the audio page at Evidentialfaith.com. Chris Date will also be posting the mp3 at the below link.

Burgos affirms and Anderson deny : "The Son personally preexisted the incarnation with the Father."


1 hour and 15 minutes

1.  5-minute introductions and prayer by the moderator

2. 20-minute opening affirmative from Mike

3. 20-minute opening negative from James

4. 15-minute rebuttal from Mike

5. 15-minute rebuttal from James

 (50 minutes)

1. 5-minute negative cross examination (James asks Mike Q’s)

2. 5-minute affirmative cross examination (Mike asks James Q’s)

3. 5-minute negative cross examination #2

4. 5-minute affirmative cross examination #2

5. 10-minute questions from me/my listeners (alternating between James and Mike)

6. 10-minute closing negative from James

7. 10-minute closing affirmative from Mike

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