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Download Oneness Theology research from Pneuma. The theological journal of the Society of Pentecostal Studies. This CD contains the first explanation of Oneness theology by Oneness adherents to be published in a scholarly theological journal with papers by other Oneness Scholars, e.g. Brickle, Norris, Runck.

The Oneness of God by Dr. David K. Bernard

The New Birth Experience by Dr. David K. Bernard

Website for Oneness historian and scholar Thomas Weisser.

Institute for Biblical Studies by Jason Dulle, M.A.

Center for Oneness Research and Education by Dr. Daniel. L. Segraves

Crown of Life Teaching Ministries by Dr. Raymond L. Crownover

Who is Jesus? by Dr. Robert Sabin

Apostolic Heritage by Matthew Shaw, M.A.

Doing Good Ministries by Dr. Arlo Moehlenpah

Bible Study Web Page by

Evidential Faith's YouTube Playlist with a selection of videos ranging from political, historical, theological, debate, scientific or occasional sports.

Steve McCalip, M.A. YouTube Playlist. Steve has a wide collection of debate and instructional videos relevant to Oneness theology. 

UGST 2009 Symposium Papers

UGST 2010 Symposium Papers

Holiness and Culture:Remaining Relevant in the 21st Century
by Dr. David K. Bernard - President of Urshan Graduate School of Theology and General Sup of the UPCI

Oneness Pentecostals and Dispensationalism: Modification or Replacement? by Dr. Daniel L. Segraves

Gadamer's Hermeneutical Circle, Caononical-Composition Hermeneutics, and Paul's "Mystery of Christ."
by Dr. Daniel L. Segraves

The Law Was Meant to Be Kept by Brian Holloway

Preexistent Christology by J.N. Anderson

Christology the official position of the UPCI on the humanity and deity of Christ.


Texas Bible College, Lufkin, Texas

Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota

Indiana Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana

Gateway College, St. Louis Missouri

Apostolic School of Theology, Elk Grove, California

Great Lakes University, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Christian Life College, Stockton California

Adversus Trinitas

"...unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins." (John 8:24 ESV)