Evolution by James H. Hunter

To demonstrate, humorously, the theory of evolution J.H. Hunter depicts a tadpole as it slowly turns into a doctor of philosophy. The tragedy is that many people are actually deceived by Darwinian Evolution.

Once I was a tadpole, grubbing in the mire, Till I became ambitious and started to aspire, I rubbed my tail so vigorously against a sunken log, It disappeared completely, and I found myself a frog.

I struggled from my puddle and I jumped upon dry land, And the feeling that was in me was glorious and grand; It made me kind of frisky, so I hopped around a tree, Till I landed in the branches as happy as could be.

And there I spent some aeons evoluting without fail, Till I became a monkey and grew another tail; But still I had ambitions as the aeons quickly sped, So I descended form the tree and walked the earth instead,

Till my tail go tired with trailing on the hard ground every day; And twice within my process that appendage passed away. Once again I evoluted, and, believe it if you can, I awoke one summer morning and found myself a man!

Now you tadpoles in the mire, just think what you may be, If you'll only in your puddles start to climb the family tree. I am the genus homo, finished for all the world to see; For when I told my story, I was given a Ph.D.

James H. Hunter

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Adversus Trinitas

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